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“I will be one of your success stories, I will do everything,” was one of the first things Maria said to our staff when we met her in August 2020, and she has truly lived up to that promise! At the time, Maria had no housing option and was living in her vehicle with her daughters. Families Forward immediately placed Maria in a hotel so her family had a safe place to sleep and internet access for virtual school.

Maria was determined to improve her situation. She worked with her liaisons, Kevin and Elise, to set a goal of applying to three housing programs and completed the applications in record time! She also quickly found jobs to get her on the path to stability, even with the difficult task of managing childcare and virtual learning.

At the same time, Maria set a goal to lose weight in order to be healthier for her children – not an easy task when relying on a small hotel kitchen for meals. She was able to accomplish this goal with the support and encouragement of her liaisons.

Maria’s diligence paid off and she was accepted into affordable housing. With stable housing secured, Maria then turned her focus towards advancing her education and finished getting her GED in June 2021!

Maria was able to get a job as an in-home caregiver, which provided a steady income and made her proud. Maria really enjoyed her new job and the ability to provide for her family but struggled to maintain transportation to and from work, as her car kept breaking down. At risk of losing her full-time job, she saved enough to pay off her DMV fees and Families Forward was able to donate a vehicle to her family, solving a last piece to her puzzle in achieving stability she had worked so hard to gain.

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