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Melanie and her family joined our Family Success Program last Fall and was matched with Family Liaison mentor, Christian. Melanie wanted to find permanent housing for her children and herself, and with the help of Christian and grant funds, they were able to find their own place! Now that she has a place to call her own with her children, Melanie feels “she is in a place of peace.”

Melanie attends most of the workshops hosted by FFC, but the most beneficial one to her happened to be the one on parenting. Juggling a move, going to school and being a mother is hard – especially when parenting doesn’t come with a guidebook. After attending the parenting workshop, Melanie found better ways to cope with some of the frustration she experienced when dealing with her interpersonal relationships and then managing her children. Melanie and her children now have a stronger relationship and Melanie makes sure to reassure each of them to let them know they’re not alone.

Melanie plans on becoming a CNA by the end of the year and continuing her journey of success with support from Christian and the FFC family!!

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