Dorothy sent some pictures to share as she is proud of the home she has set up with the support of Families Forward Charlotte! Prior to joining Families Forward Charlotte family, Dorothy and her family had been living with her parents. The family was referred to us by the social worker at Devonshire Elementary so we could support Dorothy in finding permanent housing for her family and finding permanent daycare for her children.

She was able to do this with the help of her liaisons, Mike and Debbie Arim, and through her attending some of the workshops FFC hosted during the year. Dorothy said her liaisons have been able to motivate her and help her stay on top of tasks so that she doesn’t lose track of her progress towards self-sufficiency. When attending the workshops, Dorothy found the workshops about budgeting, parenting, mental health, education, and health insurance most beneficial. Since joining Families Forward Charlotte, Dorothy has been able to add more to her family’s savings and continue to build her credit so that she can buy a home in the future.

Congratulations on your success Dorothy!!


Melanie and her family joined our Family Success Program last Fall and was matched with Family Liaison mentor, Christian. Melanie wanted to find permanent housing for her children and herself, and with the help of Christian and grant funds, they were able to find their own place! Now that she has a place to call her own with her children, Melanie feels “she is in a place of peace.”

Melanie attends most of the workshops hosted by FFC, but the most beneficial one to her happened to be the one on parenting. Juggling a move, going to school and being a mother is hard – especially when parenting doesn’t come with a guidebook. After attending the parenting workshop, Melanie found better ways to cope with some of the frustration she experienced when dealing with her interpersonal relationships and then managing her children. Melanie and her children now have a stronger relationship and Melanie makes sure to reassure each of them to let them know they’re not alone.

Melanie plans on becoming a CNA by the end of the year and continuing her journey of success with support from Christian and the FFC family!!




COVID-19 Relief Fund


In February 2019, we hosted an educational workshop for the families in our program. These workshops are held monthly and educate families on various topics like finances & budgeting, parenting skills, etc. With the assistance of Life Coach Julie Hutton, we worked on goal setting. Our families had a productive conversation around what they hope to accomplish in the near future and created awesome Vision Boards to help show what some of those goals might look like to them! Here you see parents showing off the vision boards they made.

Kristin and Rodney

Thompson Child & Family Focus

Thompson Child & Family Focus led a meaningful discussion on parenting tips for children of all ages as well as how to prioritize self-care for parents. They also introduced to our family partners our partnership with their Mental Health Services through Thompson Family Services Center. This additional resource are available to families as a tool to help improve their mental wellness on their path to self-sufficiency.
Each family also went home with their winter Essentials Basket thanks to amazing donors who helped provide supplies!


Anita (name changed to protect her identity) is a single mom of two kids who escaped a horrifically abusive relationship that left her unable to work due to injuries and health issues. She has been working hard to get off disability but has to get to vital medical appointments in the meantime to keep the little bit of income she receives. However, she didn’t own a car. Thanks to the generosity of donors, Anita now owns a car. Their donation left her completely speechless but will undoubtedly change her life.


Jaleesa, with the support of her family liaison, April, secured housing after being homeless and living in a hotel. FFC helped her with the deposit and furnishing the apartment. And, she topped off the first year of being in the Family Success Program by landing a job as a cashier at Burlington’s.

**Update, Jaleesa has secured housing, employment and has more self-confidence!


Quineisha got a job in childcare where she can also bring her young daughter. This is ideal for her family situation. She accomplished this huge goal despite COVID-19 delaying her starting and we are so very proud! Congratulations Quineisha!

**Update, Quineisha has worked so hard to be the best parent, she has started full-time employment, and started a GED program!

Crystal and Tommy


Star and Leonardo


Derrick and his family had been without reliable transportation for several years until a generous friend of Families Forward Charlotte donated a used car to us. This donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, has impacted Derrick’s life as well as the lives of his wife and three children immeasurably.

Prior to receiving this gift of a car, they walked miles and miles every day to get to and from work, to the grocery store, and for all of the other appointments and errands that a family of five needs to attend to. Most of us take for granted the cars in our driveways and the ease with which we can safely navigate around our city. This was not the case for Derrick’s family. Walking everywhere took up valuable family time and Derrick, who is a veteran, was even the victim of a hit-and-run while walking to the store one night. Now that they have reliable transportation, they feel that a prayer has been answered.

As a School Social Worker I’ve researched numerous organizations that could help guide families forward. FFC is literally a dream come true. I’ve seen complete transformations with many of our families. During carpool today one father ran up to me smiling so hard and thanked me for connecting him with FFC. He said my life changed because of you… I just received my citizenship. I had to hold my tears back to finish communicating with him about his hard work and dedication and how his life changed because he utilized the resources and support presented to him. I don’t know where many of our families would be without FFC… myself included.
Rose Smith

I want to thank you all SO much for helping us with rent. This new job has been amazing and challenging so far, but it is taking is some adjusting to the new schedules (work, paychecks, after school care, etc). I am so appreciative of all of the support you have given us.

I have always wanted to be a software developer, but I sort of meant it in the way that a child says that they want to be an astronaut. It is not something I ever thought would truly happen. Without the help from you all, it never would have happened. Getting Sophie into after school, getting a wardrobe together, and going without a paycheck for a month are obstacles my family never could have overcome on our own. I can honestly say that Families Forward has made my dreams come true. I can not thank you enough.