Graduating participants from the Family Success Program are able to join the Alumni Program which provides ongoing resources and peer support. Staff assist in facilitating this Alumni led program. Alumni groups will meet every 2-3 months for potlucks, outings, and Alumni specific workshops.


Supporting Through Education Programs to Success

  • What: Make it possible for parents who are living at or near the Federal Poverty Level to achieve higher education, higher income, and a more promising future for their family.
  • Who: Participants who are graduating from their 2nd year in our Family Success Program.
  • How: FFC will cover living expenses and provide support while participant completes GED program and/or degree/certificate program and is unable to work full-time. We are working with Central Piedmont Community College to ensure each participant has the support they need throughout the program!
  • Why: Parents are prevented from attending trade schools or degree programs due to the lack of ability to fund family needs while enrolled.


We coordinate, raise funds, collect donations, and provide volunteers to prepare food bags for children and families in food-insecure households. Each bag provides a child with food over weekends and holidays when they lack access to free breakfast and lunch at their school.