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Breaking Poverty's Grip

Currently, there are 45,000 children in Charlotte living in families experiencing poverty. Statistics show that these children will likely become low-income adults if their families don't gain access to the resources and opportunities needed to initiate change. It's a repetitive pattern of financial insecurity that seizes multiple generations of the same family and doesn't let go. But that's why we're here.

Poverty isn't a new problem in Charlotte, and that is the problem - because poverty doesn't just go away on its own.

Families Forward Charlotte is a 501(c)(3) non-profit committed to breaking the cycle of intergenerational poverty that makes upward mobility too difficult for too many families in our community.

Providing A Way Out And Up For Charlotte Families

At Families Forward Charlotte, we aim to help local families take the necessary steps towards long-term financial stability. First, we help our families overcome whatever circumstances are holding them back, be it a sudden job loss, a need for affordable housing, or dependable child care. We then empower families with educational programs, life skills, and individualized mentoring that all serve as building blocks for a successful and self-sustaining future.

The cycle of multi-generational poverty in Charlotte is powerful but not insurmountable. That's why we meet our families wherever they are and give them all we've got.

Providing a way out and up

The Family Success Program

When families (we call them Family Partners) are referred to us, we pair them with a Family Liaison.

Family Liaisons are volunteer mentors who spend 6 hours per month supporting and guiding their Family Partner.

Family Liaisons are the heart and soul of Families Forward Charlotte. Engagements between Family Liaisons and Family Partners last 1-2 years, so this is not your typical volunteering experience. Family Liaisons guide their Family Partners through goal setting and action plans while helping them overcome some of the real-world obstacles that they may experience on their journey. Through it all, genuine bonds form between Liaisons and Partners, and in many instances, lifelong friendships.

Family Liaisons are the heart and soul of Families Forward Charlotte. But we recognize that not everyone who wants to help can make that commitment now. If that's you, please consider these other volunteer opportunities within our Family Success Program.
Help change the trajectory of a Charlotte family in need.
Become a Family Liaison or find other ways to volunteer.

Changing Circumstances. Impacting Lives.

Given in financial assistance towards
essential needs for our Family Partners
Volunteers trained to be Family Liaisons
Families working towards economic mobility with volunteer Family Liaisons
Baskets distributed with toiletries, cleaning supplies, seasonal items, and grocery gift cards
Bags of food provided to food-insecure families through our Weekend Food Packs Program
We partner with families experiencing poverty to achieve lasting economic stability. We provide educational opportunities, offer essential support, and foster long-term relationships through individualized mentoring.
To empower Charlotte-area families to overcome intergenerational poverty.

We connect and empower our community by partnering to achieve our vision.


We believe an open and accountable approach is essential to enhance our relationships with clients and donors.


We honor each family with admiration and trust, believing they have the ability to make long-term changes in their lives.


Provide a support system to families on their path to financial stability.


Provide educational opportunities to parents/caregivers to build life skills.


Help adults in the family break through mental and financial barriers to their overall success.


Connect families to resources.

Success Stories

Replacing Obstacles with Opportunities
Families Forward Charlotte

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Help change the trajectory of a Charlotte family in need.
Become a Family Liaison or find other ways to volunteer.
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